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Develop Passion in Young Players

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

As a Player Development Specialist I am constantly looking for ways that my players can improve their Skill Set, Competitiveness, and IQ. It is easy to get lost in the numerous ways that players can better themselves.

However, as Trainers, Parents, and Coaches we forget that Young Players should be developing a 'LOVE' for the game. The more they LOVE the game of basketball, the more they will want to work on it. If they can begin to LOVE the game at an early stage, then they will be able to continue to DEVELOP THAT LOVE as they get older. Once you transition from Youth Basketball to Highly Competitive HS, AAU, College, and Pro basketball, if you don't LOVE the game, there is no way that you will be able to survive the Adversity that comes along wtih trying to be successful in this sport.

*Players aren't making it through 5am Conditioning without a LOVE of the Game!

*They aren't watching Film of a LOSS without a LOVE of the Game!

Not putting crazy expectations on Youth Players, allowing them to work through mistakes, showing them the results of hard work can all help develop that love. Remember, as much as we want our young players to be skilled and be great players, the thing we should be focused on is helping them develop their 'LOVE' for the sport.





Steve Dagostino is a former All-American and European Pro that currently trains NBA Players and runs programs in New York for Youth to College Players.  He is a Court Coach with USA Basketball's Junior National Team and runs clinics all over the World.  This blog contains his throughts and insights from over 20 years of High Level Basketball Experience!


Dags trains over 1,000 players a year from NBA to Youth.  He has also trained over 40 High School Teams with 5 Teams winning State Championships!  Whether you want to join an existing Group or Clinic that we have scheduled or to book us at your gym, CONTACT DAGS TODAY!!

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