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For over a decade Dags Basketball has helped players of all skill levels improve on and off the court to reach their goals!


Steve's Private Training Schedule is very limited as he is usually traveling to train Professional Clients and host camps/clinics in other areas.  If you have any questions about scheduling, please feel free to email
**Note: Coach Dags runs several of Dags Basketball Semi-Private Training, Clinics, and Little Ballers Programs

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“The App and Off-Season development plan has us set up for the summer.  We are getting 8-12 players in twice a week, and the boys have also started to do Player-Led Saturday Morning workouts on their own.  Thanks!!”


Coach M.

HS Coach, Connecticut

“Any player that is looking for a unique basketball training experience Steve Dagostino is the best!  Players will see immediate improvement due to their work with Steve Dagostino!  Steve works with top young talent with USA Basketball and I highly recommend Steve to all players wanting to improve their game.”


Coach Don Showalter

USAB 10x Gold Medalist

“Thanks so much for coordinating with your husband last week. I also wanted to share some good news in the beginning of February I will have my first workout with the junior national team Canada. Sometimes after a meeting with someone like your husband, it just gives reassurance to go out there and just ask for help so thank you.”



Trainer, Canada

"Dags commitment and approach to teaching the game is unparalleled. He provides all players a high level of expertise and enthusiasm. It’s not only about developing the player and person, but also about guiding them on their basketball path. His love for the game is always evident. It’s why there is no other person that I trust more to train and develop my sons. Dags is the best, and my sons always get the best, both on and off the court.”


Mike P.

HS Parent

Steve Dagostino is much more than a basketball trainer.  As a father of children that play high school and college basketball you quickly learn that there is more than just getting your child the right training to develop their skills to take them to the next level.  I needed guidance from someone with basketball experience beyond what I had so that I could help my children make good decisions.  I had questions that included the best level for my child to play at in college, what is the best AAU program to help my child’s skills develop and the best way to manage both education and basketball at the next level.  Through several conversations with Steve, I was able to provide my children with guidance to help them make the most educated decisions to succeed currently and at the next level. I would highly recommend investing time in educating yourself as a parent so you can help your children make important decisions about their future.


 Dan D.

HS/College Parent

“Steve and I have trained together since I was in 8th grade. Since entering the NBA we’ve worked together to develop Off-Season Plans for Growth, and in-season Dags will do Film Review for me to make sure I stay individually on top of my game.”


Kevin Huerter

Sacramento Kings

“I spent my 2020 Pre Draft training with Dags.  He helped me simplify my shot so that I felt very confident going in to my Team Workouts.  I am a strong 1 on 1 player, and he helped me understand how to implement that in NBA Team Actions and Concepts.”

Elijah Hughes

Syracuse University/Utah Jazz/Portland Trailblazers

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1 on 1 Sessions with Dags are developmental.  The session is tailored to the players specific needs and are 1 hour in length




Gather Your Teammates for sessions with Dags.  1 Hour Sessions will encompass Skill Development and Situational Game Play




Dags will work with your Team or Program.  Steve started training High School Teams 12 years ago.  It's a great way for your players to hear a different voice emphasizing what you do!

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