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 "No Hype, No Cliches, No Hidden Agenda"
DAGS BASKETBALL prepares our Individual and Team Clients across 5 States for GAME SUCCESS! 

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Why Train with Dags?"
DAGS BASKETBALL Trainers all played College and/or Professional Basketball

Steve Dagostino - UK BBL CUP


Julie McBride - Turkey


Shea Bromirski - Sch. Legends (IBL)


DAGS Basketball training has trained committed players to mature on and off the and reach their goals

Pro Workout


High School Training


College Strength/Speed Training



What Our Clients are Saying...
Our Clients understand what it takes to succeed on and off the basketball court!

Dags Training System has provided my program with off-season training that continue to be advanced, efficient, and focused. His workouts demand mental toughness that was needed to compete & win the Sectional, State, & Federation Titles.  We have been working with Dags for 3 years & it's paid huge dividends!
I had the chance to play with Dags during his season in Spain. His career is proof that with the right Focused Training Program, you can reach your basketball goals! The Dags System will allow you to become better then you ever imagined!
THE DAGS SYSTEM Skills and Drills puts an emphasis on playing the game efficiently. My son took that concept very seriously during his training and for his Senior Season led NYS in Scoring at 35 PPG while dishing out 7 assists a game. NOW THAT IS EFFICIENT!
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