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American Cancer Society YOUTH CLINICS

Dags Basketball wants to bring a message of 'Positivity, Fun, No Fear of Failure, Fighting Through Adversity, Being a Good Teammate, and Accountability' to as many Youth Programs as possible in the Capital Region.  We have partnered with the American Cancer Society and 50% of the proceeds will be donated to this great organization!



Why this is Important

As a full time trainer, Steve Dagostino tirelessly thinks of ways to improve the landscape of Youth Basketball.  With the pressure put on kids and the increasing number of players quitting youth sports, it is very important for players to HAVE FUN and LEARN while playing.  It is important for us to get back to the reason team sports are great.  Learning Accountability, Handling Adversity, Being a Good Teammate, etc.  


Dags Trainers (Steve Dagostino or Shea Bromirski) will come to your school for a 1 Day Clinic focused on Teaching Life Lessons Through Skill Development. 


While running through Ballhandling, Finishing, and 1 on 1 Drills, we will emphasize 'No Fear of Failure', Fighting through Adversity, Enjoying the Game, Building Up Teammates, and How to Be A Good Teammate

Additional INFO

WHO: Boys and Girls Youth Programs 24 Players or Less: 1 Group​

30+ Players: 2 Groups


Duration: 1 Hour and 15 Minutes


Location: YOUR GYM

COST: $10/Player

*50% of proceeds donated to ACS


*Register through our site, pay at clinic

Develop a LOVE for the game



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