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virtual summer camps

Train, connect, and have fun!!

2 Week Virtual Camps

During these uncertain times, Dags Basketball is proud to announce their innovating '2 Week Virtual Summer Camps'. 


Week 1 Includes 4 Days (Mon-Thurs) of Live Zoom Workouts. Each Zoom will be 1 Hour and 15 Min. 

4th-8th Grade: 9am-1015am

9th-12th Grade: 1030am-1145am
Week 2 will include 4 Days of 'At Home' Workouts that Dags will send via Private Youtube Links to players.  Each workout will be 30-40 Min long.


We will offer 2 levels: Intermediate (4th-8th Grade) and Advanced (9th-12th Grade).  They are open to Boys and Girls!

COST: $100

What will this camp offer?
WEEK 1 Schedule

Week 1: Live Training Sessions via Zoom

Monday - Thursday (1 Hour and 15 Minutes)

  1. 30 Minute Ballhandling Series with Coach Dags

    • Topics Covered: Strength Ballhandling, Essential Ball Handling, Dribble Moves, Getting Past Defenders, Ballhandling Challenges

  2. 25 Minute Performance Training with Coach Guy

    • Topics Covered: Speed, Agility, Core, Strength​

  3. 15 Minute Footwork Burnout with Coach Dags

    • Topics Covered: Jab Series, Lift and Shot Fakes, Footwork Flows​

  4. What will players need?

    • Device to access the workouts via Zoom​

    • A Basketball and a little space

What will this camp offer?
WEEK 2 Schedule

Week 2: 4 Full At Home Workouts 

30-45 Minute Workouts

  1. At Home Workout Process

    • Coach Dags will send each player 4 Workouts consisting of 4 Basketball Drills and 1 Performance drill to complete each day

    • Players will watch videos and complete on their own.

  2. What will each player need?

    • Device to watch the videos, basketball, hoop.

  3. Accountability

    • If players want, they can send the videos to coach Dags via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for his review!

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