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You'll Never Get Your Shot Off

I often hear Coaches, Trainers, Scouts, etc. (Speaking about a player that makes shots) use the rationale of 'Player X won't be able to get his shot off at our level.' It makes me cringe every time I hear it because I believe most of the time it is a cop out for some other reason that they don't like the player.

That phrase makes me cringe because players take this as, 'OK I need to speed up my shot'. But what they really mean is 'You can't put the ball on the ground and go by anyone'.

Think about this....For Shooters, the only time you will not be able to get your shot off on the catch, is if a defender is flying at you, with a hand up to contest, and/or crowding your space. Isn't this what every college coach in America schemes to have happen on every offensive possession lol! If you can't drive by a defender running at you or crowding your space with a high hand, your problem isn't that your shot is too slow, its that you can't get by anyone to create an advantage and need to desperately work on that phase of your game.

If you are an Elite enough shooter, that your coach is willing to allow you to shoot the ball 'on defenders' while contested, then yes, we need to speed up your footwork and release.

My main goal with players is that they have the ability to MAKE SHOTS. Once we establish that you can MAKE SHOTS in games, then we really focus in on your ability to play off of your shot. Force defenders to think you are going to shoot on every catch so they fly at you. If you build in the ability to attack aggressive close outs, not only will you add another dimension to your game, but you will create space for your shot as now the defender needs to worry about keeping you in front on the drive. IF YOU ARE AN ELITE SHOOTER. Meaning someone that coaches will allow to shoot the ball 'on defenders', on the move, with a hand in your face. We have a handful of different ways to find space and speed up your shot.

Just for a quick visual. I shot from my chest for most of my career, despite people always trying to tell me to start my shot higher. I also shot 39.7% from 3 for my College and Pro Career. Below is a video when my college team lost to Syracuse by 9 my senior year and I was 5/10 from 3.








Steve Dagostino is a former All-American and European Pro that currently trains NBA Players and runs programs in New York for Youth to College Players.  He is a Court Coach with USA Basketball's Junior National Team and runs clinics all over the World.  This blog contains his throughts and insights from over 20 years of High Level Basketball Experience!


Dags trains over 1,000 players a year from NBA to Youth.  He has also trained over 40 High School Teams with 5 Teams winning State Championships!  Whether you want to join an existing Group or Clinic that we have scheduled or to book us at your gym, CONTACT DAGS TODAY!!

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