Simple 3 Point Test

Everyone thinks they are a 3 point shooter. 10 year olds, 20 Year Olds, Guards, Bigs, you name it, they want to shoot 3's. I am fortunate enough to work with some very successful High School and College Coaches. I always seem to have a conversation about players understanding how they can be most effective. Most of the time, its about players falling in love with the 3. Besides 'in season 3FG%', we use a simple way for players to understand that the 3 pointer may not be their strong suit and that they need to continue to develop it while focusing on stronger aspects of their game.

For the past 7 years we have been using a simple shooting drill that can gauge if players can actually even make 3's. I'm not even talking about making 3's in games, I'm talking about consistently making 3's in practice with no one on them lol. It is basically a spot shooting drill that lasts 5 minutes, so it really works on FOCUS as well. This drill not only pushes good shooters to try and get the highest score possible, but more importantly shows players that may not be good 3 point shooters, that they need to keep focusing on other parts of their game while developing a more consistent shot.

-5 Minutes, 1 Rebounder, 1 Ball. Can't shoot from the same spot 2 times in a row-

For our Players, if they can't hit the mark, they need to reconsider how many 3's they are shooting in games or if they should even shoot them.

HS players are looking to make 40

College Players 50

Really good shooters 60+