Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy applies to all services, videos, workouts, training, online consulting sessions, projects and other resources offered by Dags Basketball and Dagostino Brothers Inc.  Individual services, videos, workouts, training, online consulting sessions or resources may have additional privacy policy notices that will be posted in the privacy policy. By visiting, using or accessing Dags Basketball and Dagostino Brothers Inc. in any other way you agree to be bound by these terms. Please contact us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you have any questions about this privacy policy


Collection of information*

1. The amount of information collected upon accessing Dagostino Brothers Inc. is typical of most websites. Except that which is allowed by this privacy policy this information will not be published or shared.

2. IP and other information sent by your browser is automatically collected when you load a page from a Dagostino Brothers Inc.’s server. This also includes referrer information, your browser and operating system type, and other information sent by your browser.

3. IP and other information sent by your browser is also collected when you complete certain actions on Dagostino Brothers Inc., such as posting a comment or editing. Such information is retained for a definite amount of time, depending on the type of log and the project. 

4. Certain projects and services on Dagostino Brothers Inc. allow anonymous users to contribute. These projects and services may publicly record the contributor’s IP address in the history. If a user wishes to hide such information, the user may create an account. 

5. Cookies are sent by Dagostino Brothers Inc. servers to your computer. These cookies are used to enhance your experience and may store your user preferences, username(s), authentication information, and other information designed to provide you with a better experience. 

6.When creating an account on Dagostino Brothers Inc., you may have been asked to provide your personal information. The information you provide is stored on Dagostino Brothers Inc.’s servers and will only be used as allowed by this privacy policy.

7. Users may authenticate to Dagostino Brothers Inc. using third party authentication platforms enabled by Dagostino Brothers have access to information provided by the user. Such information is bound by the platform provider’s privacy policy.

8. When using third party authentication platforms, the platform provider may provide some details to Dagostino Brothers Inc. in order for the authentication to be successful. Such information is stored on Dagostino Brothers Inc.’s servers and its use is governed by this privacy policy.

9. Some projects and services on Dagostino Brothers Inc. may provide users with messaging and other methods of communication. When these capabilities are used, Dagostino Brothers Inc. may retain copies of the information you have transmitted through Dagostino Brothers Inc. servers.

10. User contributions to most projects are retained indefinitely on Dagostino Brothers Inc.  servers and are publicly accessible on most projects. The user or IP address that made the contribution may be identified from the page history (or the page itself), and the content of the contribution is also available through the page history (or the page itself). In general, Dagostino Brothers Inc. will not remove this information unless required to do so by law. Please note that logged in users will not have their IP address publicly recorded.

11. The services of other third party vendors may be utilized by Dagostino Brothers Inc.. The information collected by third party vendors is subject to the privacy policy and other polices of the third party vendor.

12. Analytics information, such as referrers, browser capabilities, visit duration, and other standard analytics information provided by Google Analytics may be collected by certain projects and services on Dagostino Brothers Inc.

13. The information collected is not associated with a certain IP address and cannot be used to identify a user. Analytics information is kept to provide Dagostino Brothers Inc. with information that will be used to provide future users with a better experience.

Use of collected information*

The information collected by  Dagostino Brothers Inc. may be used for the following purposes: other assets. and sponsor sites. experience(s). to aid in the resolution of technical issues.


Users are advised to evaluate the risks of their actions. Users that accidentally disclose personal information may request an administrator or other user with the necessary permissions to remove the revision(s) containing the personal information. While each request is carefully evaluated, please note that there is no guarantee of its removal. If a page has been cached by Google,  Dagostino Brothers Inc. cannot directly remove that content. You may request assistance from  Dagostino Brothers Inc.’s staff, who have the ability to file a request with Google seeking the removal of the cached content. Personally identifiable information disclosed by any user may be removed without warning.

Location of stored information*

Information is primarily stored within the United States of America and is therefore subject to the laws and regulations of the United States and other applicable jurisdictions. Backups of this information may be stored in other countries and are also subject to the laws and regulations of that country. Dagostino Brothers Inc. will not store information or have servers located in countries deemed to have inadequate protection for Dagostino Brothers Inc., its users, rights, and other assets. Information may also be stored indefinitely on offsite backups that are not accessible from the  Dagostino Brothers Inc. network. Such backups will have IP information removed. Please note that while we will attempt to remove IP and other identifiable information from these offsite backups, there is the possibility that some remnants of information may remain. All backups are protected by this privacy policy and will not be released unless allowed by this privacy policy.

Access to information*

Dagostino Brothers Inc. grants access to information that is collected to certain users such as our staff members. Information may be released in the following circumstances: Information may be released to law enforcement agencies of the United States and Canada when  Dagostino Brothers Inc. is presented with a valid subpoena or compulsory request. Information may also be released to law enforcement agencies of the United States and Canada when  Dagostino Brothers Inc. believes it is reasonable to release such information to aid in investigations pertaining to the safety and security of  Dagostino Brothers Inc. , its servers, users, rights, and other assets. Information may be released for informal investigations at the discretion of Dagostino Brothers Inc.

Law enforcement agencies outside of the United States may be given information by Dagostino Brothers Inc. if Dagostino Brothers Inc. deems it necessary in order to protect Dagostino Brothers Inc. servers, users, rights, and other assets. Partner sites may receive information from Dagostino Brothers Inc. at their request, as specified in the agreement. Dagostino Brothers Inc. will make good faith efforts to ensure that only trustworthy organizations and projects are partners.  Dagostino Brothers Inc., may release information to trusted individuals to protect its servers, users, rights, other assets, and partner sites. Approval from Dagostino Brothers Inc. security is required in order for information to be released to trusted individuals who would not normally have access to such IP and other information may be automatically sent to third party services if the user abuses  Dagostino Brothers Inc. This is done through automatic anti-spam features and other features designed to protect  Dagostino Brothers Inc. An abusive user is defined as one that is not utilizing Dagostino Brothers Inc. in the way in which it was intended.


While  Dagostino Brothers Inc. has taken measures to protect the privacy of its users,  Dagostino Brothers Inc. cannot guarantee that user information will remain private.  Dagostino Brothers Inc. makes no guarantee against unauthorized access of private information stored on Dagostino Brothers Inc. servers. By accessing Dagostino Brothers Inc., you agree to be bound by this general disclaimer, privacy policy and all policies on Dagostino Brothers Inc. By accessing  Dagostino Brothers Inc., you also agree to release  Dagostino Brothers Inc. and its staff, from issues, concerns, or other incidents that may result from accessing  Dagostino Brothers Inc.. If legal action should be pursued due to incident on Dagostino Brothers Inc., you, the user, agree to pay all court costs and legal fees. By continuing to use  Dagostino Brothers Inc., you agree to indemnify, or hold harmless Dagostino Brothers Inc. and its users of authority.

Jurisdiction and Venue*

By using this website, you expressly agree that, regardless of your physical location, that any claims or causes of action either relating to, or arising out of the use of this website, or the violation of the above Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or Disclaimers, shall be brought in the appropriate state or federal court governing claims arising in the state of New York, USA.

Applicable Law*

The parties agree that the applicable law to be applied to the use of this website shall be, in all cases, the law of the State of New York.